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Updated : The latest advice for managing data for your Los Angeles area business...

A Los Angeles FileMaker Developer To Get Your Business Organized

How organized is your organization?
An organized business is an efficient one. An efficient business is a productive one. And a productive one should be more profitable.

Or·ga·ni·za·tion n 1:the act or process of arranging or forming into a complete and functioning whole; 2:setting up an administative structure for; 3:arrangement by systematic planning and united effort
We can help make you more organized, efficient, productive and profitable. We are in Los Angeles and can work with you to better define your organization's workflow, consolidate information sources, and to make that information more informative and easier to get to.

We will help you find solutions.
A professional data solution should follow the way your group works. It should automate what are now manual processes. It should avoid replication of data between staff members, departments and desktop applications. It should provide many ways of analyzing and working with your company's client, inventory, production, sales or other information. It should make you better at what you do.

We are in Los Angeles and can help you analyze your organization's workflow and data usage, and we can make recommendations that will make you more efficient. Whether you are looking for ways to make your current system better or you would like to have a custom workflow solution professionally designed and built, we can help you with the blueprints and a strong foundation to build upon.

We can implement powerful data solutions.
FileMaker® Pro is a powerful data tool that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Howard Schlossberg is a FileMaker Pro database solutions developer in Los Angeles who has been crafting robust systems with this tool for over 15 years. Over the years, data applications and languages like dBase, Access, SQL, HTML, XML, PHP, Perl and other languages have also hung proudly from this developer's toolbelt.

When you are ready to analyze your business' workflow, you want more than computer algorithms. You want someone who actually understands your people and your processes ... someone who can interact with you and your staff on their level to help pinpoint your data needs. While honing his database chops, Mr. Schlossberg worked in a variety of professions that include marketing communications, entertainment, medical offices, event management, retail management, non-profits and more.

FileMaker Professional Solutions brings real-world experience into its database design, user interfaces, functionality and reporting...and we bring it right to Los Angeles.

Our systems work, and they work for you.
We want you to meet us and like us before we start a project with you. The initial consultation is absolutely free. In that first hour, we'll each learn how the other works and we'll determine if our companies are a good match for one another.

FileMaker Database Support in Los Angeles!

Our services include:
• Design and development of custom data solutions – from fundamental, stand-alone databases to customized, intuitive multi-user, mission-critical solutions
• Re-design and “clean-up” of existing FileMaker systems
• Basic system maintenance and addition of new features, reports and other functionality
• Conversion or integration of data from other systems into FileMaker or from FileMaker out to other systems
• Upgrading your older FileMaker solutions to the newest versions of FileMaker
• Enabling of your FileMaker database for use on iPhones, iPads, and in mobile phones and web browsers
• Training of your staff so that they can take full advantage of FileMaker's rich features and reporting capabilities
• Using your data to analyze your business, productivity, customer trends, and more
• Based in Los Angeles and serving all of Southern California (and Hawaii when duty calls)

For more information, please contact Howard Schlossberg:

Phone: (818) 883-2846
Email: howard@fmprosolutions.com



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