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Our Services

System Design & Development
Design and development of custom data solutions is a lot of what we do. Whether you are looking for a fundamental, stand-alone database or a fully-customized, multi-user, mission-critical solution, an FM Professional Solutions developer will sit with you and your staff to:
Review your present workflow and data
Analyze current deficiencies in your system
Survey users for desired features and functionality
Recommend solutions that will make your business more efficient
Build a system that meets all your specifications

Re-Design & Clean-up
New clients often have FileMaker systems that were built by a non-professional. Maybe it was built by the receptionist between phone calls, by an IT person who doesn't specialize in FileMaker, or by a part-time 'hobbiest' developer. FM Professional Solutions can clean things up for you so that:
the system runs faster and more efficiently
your buttons work the way they were supposed to
navigation between screens is more intuitive
screens and reports are more consistant and professional looking
the system can grow dynamically with your needs

System Upgrade & Conversion
FileMaker products grow as your needs do. While the newest versions of FileMaker provide many advanced, 'marketable' features, they also provide more practical benefits: amazingly increased speed, reliability and flexibility over older versions (prior to version 7). While upgrading the older versions is not typically as simple as 'click-and-convert', FM Professional Solutions has successfully converted our customers from the older versions to the latest so that they can take advantage of the most advanced features, benefits and cost savings. Why hire us to oversee your conversion?
We've won awards from FileMaker, Inc. for our pre-release product testing and bug reporting
We've converted more than a dozen older solutions -- more than most other local developers
Our conversion experience and involvement with the FileMaker community has made us intimately familiar with the types of issues (and solutions for those issues) that can arise during such a conversion
We are FileMaker 16 Certified by FileMaker, Inc.
We excel at testing and debugging your databases for a trouble-free conversion

Basic System Maintenance
As your business grows, so does its organizational needs. Instead of letting your current system dictate the way you operate, perhaps it is time to change the system to work in a way that fits your company's needs. This might include the addition of new features, reports or other functionality. For example, many companies are now taking advantage of new FileMaker technologies by adding increased functionality for scheduling, integrating email, merging letters, notifying certain people of specified conditions, as well as other automated features.

Data Conversion
FileMaker provides tools that make it relatively easy to combine information from multiple sources into one data system. Data often requires extra preparation before it can be brought into a new system, particularly if it is being moved from a flat file system (like Excel) into a relational one (like FileMaker). This is true whether you are moving data from other systems into FileMaker or from FileMaker out to other systems. We are data experts and are able to massage your data so that the conversion is made without mistakes or lost data.

FileMaker Training
Whether you are using a custom-built solution or are using FileMaker right out of the box, we can teach your staff to take full advantage of FileMaker's rich features and reporting capabilities.


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