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Finding Solutions

Workplace tools should make you better at what you do – more efficient, more productive, more consistant, and less stressed. Your tools should follow the way you and your group work. Through their growth, however, many businesses find themselves with many different systems that don't work together, many of which typically only reside somewhere buried on an individual's hard drive. Problems will eventually arise from this lack of organization; some are easy to spot and others are not so obvious.

We can help you analyze your organization's workflow and data usage, and we can make recommendations that will make you more efficient. Whether you are looking for ways to make your current system better or you would like to have a custom workflow solution professionally designed and built, we can help you with the blueprints and a strong foundation to build upon.

What do you need?
Analyze your current data environment and consider your possible solutions while keeping these thoughts in mind:

Is the database solution easy to use and to understand?
Your computer should work the way you work. You shouldn't have to adjust the way you work just because your computer insists on doing things differently. A good custom data solution should follow your office workflow. Think about and diagram that workflow first, and then design a data solution based on that diagram. A solution's screens should match the tasks in your workflow, and the navigation between screens should follow the defined process workflow. Screens should be intuitive; they should work the way you work so that they are easy to use and to understand.

Can the solution help automate what are now manual processes?
Pinpoint routine processes that can be automated so that staff time can be spent working with clients and being creative. Most offices don't realize the capabilities of their computers. A data professional can review your workflow and make suggestions on what processes can be automated. By automating a few routines, you can often save a couple minutes over dozens of times each day. Some automated routines can save hours and days each time they run. And other automatic routines might remind people of tasks that they would have otherwise forgotten altogether.

Is your data spread across many different departments, computers and software applications?
Over the years, many offices end up with the same data residing in different places. Some staff members might enter mailing list and invoicing data into a spreadsheet program like Excel because that's what they know. At the same time, someone else was generating invoices and holiday card lists with a word processor like WordPerfect. And someone else used an accounting program like MYOB to enter payments and track expenses. The result is that the same names and addresses reside on different computers and each of the users who entered the data had to take the time to enter data that someone else had already taken the time to type somewhere. Meanwhile, none of those systems tell the entire history on that client. A data professional can design a system that holds all necessary information in one system, yet makes it logically and easily accessible to only those people who need it...when they need it.

Does everyone have access to the information they need?
How many times have you been in the middle of some project or another when the boss calls and wants some information 'now'. Or how often have you called someone for information when they weren't at their desks?
And when different parts of the picture live on different computers or in different programs, how can you easily find what you want and, more importantly, how can it be combined to provide the reports you need?! A FileMaker professional can set up report formats and give users the necessary options to customize their reports as desired. With one consolidated data system that is easy to use, everyone who needs access to important data can have it when they need it. No one should be frustrated by an inability to get desired reports for analysis of the data. Such analysis tools should be built right into a good data solution.

Is your business' data safe and secure?
When data resides on individual computers, and when there are multiple computers with important data, it becomes very easy for data to get lost or stolen. By having all your data on one data server, everyone can share that information and the system will automatically back-up your data on a nightly, hourly, or other regular basis. FileMaker data cannot be moved off the server without permission, and select data within FileMaker can be secured for specific user groups.

Can your organization be more efficient, productive and better at what it does?
Always. And with a well-designed, cohesive data solution, you will have a workplace tool that makes your business more competitive and makes you better at what you do.

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